Wednesday, May 25, 2005


this upper air pattern is not being very friendly to us, although there was a funnel cloud and possible tornado near nipawin, sk on victoria day.

i have some spare time at the beginning of june and i currently plan to head south to brush up on my storm chasing skills (in the interest of the course, of course) and maybe see a tube or two. the long-range computer models are hinting at a long wave pattern change at about that time, which would vastly increase the chances of seeing something like that, but because it's so far in the future, i'm not holding my breath.

in driving from edmonton to winnipeg this past weekend, it came clear to me that moisture conditions are pretty good across the majority of the prairies. crops are sprouting almost everywhere, although the greener area right now, contrary to how it usually is, is farther west. edmonton is quite green.

could this be a summer of storms closer to the rockies and a repeat of last year's chill over the eastern prairies?


At 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how long did edmonton to winnipeg take??


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