Wednesday, February 15, 2006

coredumping and bitter cold

sorry about coredumping all those columns here. i just had a bunch of time and knew that if i didn't do it all at once, i'd procrastinate and not get it done at all. so don't worry. my next couple of columns there have to do with wine, not appropriate for this blog, so they won't be put here.

the cold weather is here. today i think we'll maybe get up to -16. tonight we're looking at -30 or so, and tomorrow we probably won't make it out of the minus 20s.

then comes thursday night.

right now the official forecast is calling for -37 thursday night. wow. my meteorological spidey sense tells me that it won't be quite as cold as that, but i've been known to be wrong before. right now i'd say -34. which is plenty cold anyhow.

what's going to keep the temperature up? the wind.

and that's where we have to be careful. i plugged some of the forecast numbers into a calculator and it seems the wind chill on friday morning could end up being in the frightening range, somewhere in the -45 range.

whatever number the temperature turns out to be, keep warm on friday morning. i have the luxury of not having to go anywhere, so i can stay all snug and warm in my house. others aren't so lucky.


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