Friday, July 21, 2006

last one from the road, which i just remembered to post: "fargo"

3:33 pm

we just made a fairly quick stop in fargo, filling up the gas tanks and taking care of business.

the men's room had a bit of a lineup to it--3 people long--and it didn't seem to be moving.

this lasted for 10 minutes until someone decided to check the door.

there was nobody in there. d'oh!

we're going to hit grand forks for dinner (a real sit-down dinner for once!) and then boot back to winnipeg.

i think the disappointment of yesterday's bust is starting to abate, but it'll still take a while. part of it was, i think, my enthusiasm and optimism for a huge day got the best of me and it might have been catching.

ah well, we talked about it and agreed that yesterday's chase would be a learning experience if one of two things happened: a tornado or nothing at all. the students learned, all right. as did i. and the other instructors.

lots of things went a lot more smoothly this year than last. this is primarily thanks to the suggestions put forth by the students in the inaugural year of this course. and of course there will be other changes to make, but wxdog and i were chatting about it, and we agree that there will be much fewer changes needed for next year: most of them technological.

a great trip is coming to an end soon. i got to know some new people, and strengthened friendships with others. good deal. :)


At 9:26 AM, Blogger saskatoonscanner said...

It is kinda goofy trying to schedule a storm chasing trip so far ahead of time. It seems to me that it hits for a week the dies out for two weeks, then back again. The heat is dominating the humidity right now. Next week...


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