Thursday, July 02, 2009

Canada Day chase

So it was another day of sitting and waiting for things to go. We sat at a gas station south of Rapid City, waited for more certain information and when it did, we went. Storms were obviously wanting to go over the Black Hills, but would they go farther?

An area of enhanced cumuli formed south of the Hills, and we decided to go take a closer look. As we approached, a storm fired and it was just north of us, moving straight south. Well, if you've ever seen a map of the area, the roads are few and far between. So we got caught, and hailed on (and dented) for our troubles. Knowing that there was sizable hail in the storm, we opted to take the only safe route--west into Wyoming and then south and east into Nebraska. All the way there the storm was looking better and better--getting taller and the inflow kept lowering. And when we got within 10 miles of it, it died. Quickly.


Tomorrow looks about as certain as today did, maybe with slightly better wind fields, but it could be a large area. The next day, however, is rife with interesting possibilities. Southeastern Nebraska, anyone?

I've been asked about pictures. They will come. There has just been so much driving that posting them has been next to impossible. But they will appear.


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