Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Storms - yoink!

So this morning we were supposed to get a bunch of storms. Good storms. And they didn't happen. Bah!

Why didn't they happen?

Well, it seems that the moisture just isn't making it into the system enough to cause storms. In fact, there aren't even showers forming, it's so dry. As well, the main forcing is well to our west, but it was something I expected was going to be overcome by the instability. Fool me once, and so on.

I know it's only April. But still. SDS runs rampant in me.


At 2:57 PM, Blogger Brandon Brown said...

I feel your disappointment! My SDS will hopefully be cured May 14-24. This low will dump some much needed moisture on the ground. Everything is bone dry here. There are drifts of dirt along fence lines next to highway 2 north towards Edmonton from the last system that just went through. But we do have the playoffs to keep us preoccupied until June...Go Flyers...!


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