Tuesday, May 31, 2005

action in the deep south

this evening i watched storms blow up in south texas, near san angelo. a storm popped up and then split, producing both left- and right-movers. the right-mover produced a nice hook, and the left-mover split and the right-mover from that pair also produced a hook. there were sporadic tornado reports from these storms, and lots of reports of baseball-sized hail, including one report from the eastern part of san angelo. i'm capturing these images and should have them posted before too long.

the first day of june 2005 could be an interesting one, severe thunderstorm-wise, across southern manitoba. a warm front appears poised to be parked near the international border, upper forcing should be in place, and moisture is streaming northward. the mitigating factor would appear to be the moisture, but if mixed dewpoints can get into the 15 or 16 degree range, i wouldn't be surprised to see a tube or two.

i'm going to leave on thursday afternoon for a personal chase trip. friday looks to have an excellent setup in southern nebraska, while saturday could be ripe over minnesota or iowa. if i see anything of interest and can find a good internet connection, i'll post about my chases here. and maybe ask my friends to capture some radar images if they can. ;)


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