Monday, June 27, 2005

another radio interview...

i suppose i didn't say how the other one went, but i can say that the cbc interview went just fine. i got out of my air-conditioned car and my glasses fogged up because of the 25 degree dewpoint air. man, was it ever steamy! the studio was nice, and marilyn was a good interviewer. the segment was approximately 10 minutes long, and we took 2 calls before we had to wrap up.

wednesday, june 29, i'm scheduled to do an interview with cbc saskatchewan. about 12:10 pm cst, or 1:10 manitoba time. should be good--lots of people to talk to about all the recent severe weather they've had there, including the 2 tornadoes i saw near cadillac.

here's hoping we get even more attention about the course!


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