Sunday, June 12, 2005

major chase site update

i've made a major update to the weather central chasing page. i know, it looks a lot like the weather central information page--and it is. i just poached the code from the latter and put it into the former, with a few minor changes. i plan to tighten it up a little over the next while, but it'll be a slow process--this is the first time we're offering this course, so it's difficult to say at this point what's useful and what's throw-away-able. yes, i know it's not a word. yet. i'll call the dictionary people.

if you have any suggestions about weather central, about any of it, please email me. the email link is at the bottom of just about every page on there, so it shouldn't be hard to find. it's not my weather central, it's yours. make it more so.

it figures--right now the model runs are pointing to a relatively quiet few days, thunderstorm-wise. that is, until i go back on shift. then, they light the skies up.

okay, that's not completely true. the current day 4 forecast from the gem global is showing an outbreak scenario over west-central saskatchewan, and the next day over southwest manitoba. but the gfs is showing much more benign weather unitl next weekend.

but one thing they're agreeing on is that a southwest flow will be setting up over the northern plains and the prairies by the middle of this upcoming week.

which means, of course, that it won't actually happen. ;)


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