Friday, June 03, 2005

long trip, no dice so far...

i'm writing this from the public library in wichita, kansas. yes, kansas. i got off night shift yesterday morning and slept till 1, then took off and drove to sioux city, ia (actually, north sioux city, sd). today was looking good, then okay, and now pretty much not.

today had looked spectacular, a couple of days ago, according to the models. i had pinpointed my target area as somewhere in the box outlined by salina and topeka, kansas, and by lincoln and grand island, nebraska. things have changed a bit.

the moral of the story here? analyse, analyse, analyse. and when you're done with your analysis, do more analysis. the models steered me wrong today. let's just hope that they're a bit more on the ball for tomorrow with respect to the potential major outbreak between here and topeka.

the college of dupage guys are right now down in central oklahoma. there's a tornado watch box up there right now, but it's not worth it for me, although i think i will make the 1 hour drive to the border just to say i was in oklahoma.



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