Monday, July 17, 2006

busted by brandon

7:25 pm sunday.

we're on our way to have some dinner in moosomin, sk. we left brandon watching some beautiful towers go up to our west. they'd go up, hit the cap, and die out.

spc's mesoanalysis had 2000 j/kg of mlcape over the region. with the obvious convergence along the line of cumuli and plenty of shear, we figured we were in business.

but there was a cap and too much shear.

yes, too much shear.

the cap held strong far enough north to hold off convection. where the cap wasn't as strong, the storms going up got sliced and diced by the wind before they even had a chance to get organized. the one that did go up showed some brief signs of organization, but in the end the shear won. it became painfully obvious to us that nothing would happen when the towers would go up to 20 thousand feet, no higher.

that's when we decided to break off the chance and head for some dinner and find a place to stay for the night. as of this writing (during which we may have gained an hour because of the time zone change--are we in saskatchewan yet?) our target for bedding down is regina. tomorrow we hope to meet up with our friends from toronto and the college of dupage for what could potentially be the biggest chaser convergence in canadian history.

will there be storms? i sure hope so.

will they be severe? i think so.

will we be there to see them? we'll do our best.


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