Sunday, July 16, 2006

on the road

southern manitoba. 10:56 am.
we're just pulling out of the parking lot at the paspc-winnipeg.

a quick and dirty analysis of the upper charts and the satellite pictures showed a really stout cap over southmost i think we can expect out of these storms.ern manitoba. the northern fringe of it will be the place where the best storms go. we're on the road for portage, and once we have a little lunch and dig deeper into the information, we'll decide from there where to go.

satellite imagery and upper analyses show a strong jet max over the central prairies--110 knots--and there's already convection going on associated with it. i figure as it moves southward into the warmer air, the cap will come into play and there will be a southern extent to the storms. if we can catch the southernmost storm we will be in business. hail and wind will be the most i think we can expect out of these storms.

tomorrow looks like an alberta day. water vapour shows a strong impulse off the west coast, and the models look to set up a classic alberta pattern.

after that we should be following the system east to saskatchewan, yorkton-hudson bay area.

may all your storms rotate. :)


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