Tuesday, August 01, 2006

quickie about the trip

i only really have one regret about the trip:

that we weren't able to visit space aliens.

i may have to make a pilgrimage.

their ribs are out of this world.



At 5:26 PM, Anonymous The Manitoba Storm Spotter said...

lol. Yea, I remember space aliens. Very well. Their ribs were out of this world! (restaurant theme, har de har har) That was so fun on our first day of the chase when we caught that storm north of Jamestown, ND then stopped for the night in Bismarck and went to space aliens. Guess you guys didn't stop in Bismarck or anywhere else that had one? Shame!!! It should be a UofM chase tradition just like I think it is with COD.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger saskatoonscanner said...

Talking about aliens, we have received the most amazing photo from last night near Regina of a "UFO cloud". A chaser from the canadianprairiestorms yahoo group posted the photo on the group and he said he will post it in a few more places hopefully soon. If you are a member you can see it on the group. Golf ball size hail, incredible lightning and an unconfirmed tornado 30km from Regina was associated with it. I wish I was there last night but we are supposedly going to get it today around Saskatoon!



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