Thursday, June 14, 2007

Start of the course!

Okay, so I'm a little late with this, as the course started last week. Once again, it appears we have some really keen, eager students. I know a few of them (of you) on a personal level, so it makes it easier in a way, and in a way it makes it more difficult.

I know there are a lot of concepts being introduced that are pretty abstract or foreign; don't worry, as we'll keep coming back to them over and over. And if you don't get them, I'm sure any of the instructors (including myself) would be willing and happy to help you understand.

At the risk of jinxing the chase this year, with a preliminary look, I'm rather optimistic. Moisture will not be an issue--think of the rainfall we had this spring--so it'll just be a matter of whether or not the dynamical setup is there.

I'll get information up to the site as soon as it becomes available--although sometimes (like today, the day of the 3rd class) it won't be available until after class. But if you have any suggestions or links you think should be put onto Weather Central, please let me know--my email is at the bottom of most of the Weather Central pages.

Finally, I will continue to work on the pages we'll be using most during the chase--with potentially limited internet access, I'll need to pare things down into a one-stop shopping area, based on our location. It'll be interesting and I'll tweak things as we go along, but hopefully it'll make for an easier chase experience for one and all.