Friday, January 28, 2011

A few changes and additions

So there have been some changes going on in the background at Weather Central, some changes I hope will a) help with chasing in the Canadian prairies, and b) provide more weather information to Canadians than is currently out there.

In essence, we're starting to produce upper air and surface maps, both analyzed (for the surface) and unanalyzed. They're now available at the weather information page.

In addition, though, the hope is to start producing high-resolution satellite imagery for most regions of Canada (where available, i.e. not north of 60). In short, the aim is to produce a page similar to the College of DuPage's, although with Canadian coverage. The Canadian coverage at CoD is, I think by necessity (and lack thereof), lacking. In other words, they have the amount of coverage they have so that they a) don't overwhelm their servers but still b) have what they need for prairie chasing.

So I'm going to start designing the access page for it, and I imagine the first blush of it will be a pretty blatant ripoff from the CoD page. If you have any recommendations on what it should look like, let me know--either drop a comment below or email me.


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