Monday, July 17, 2006

most of van 1 monday morning

so last night we decided to stop in moosomin for dinner. the red barn, right along the highway. (if they had a website, i'd link to it. hint hint.)

when we came out, we faced east. what did we see but a storm having blown up over southeastern manitoba.


we knew it was too far to go for us to catch it, so we stuck to our original plan to bed down in regina.

most of van 1 watched the movie "twister" on the dvd player ruth brought and it was fun to listen along as i was driving. during that movie showing i called the paspc in winnipeg, just to find out how bad the storm really was.

turns out it wasn't too bad--pea-sized hail was pretty much all they got from it. still, when i got internet access last night and looked at the radar images from it, it didn't look too too bad.

we got rooms here in regina and some of us crossed the street to wind down at brewster's. the beer was good, as was the conversation.

on the way there i discovered how silly i had been over the past few days. on saturday i mowed the lawn--3 hours--and then yesterday i also forgot to put on sunblock. call me lobster boy.

well, as pat and i wrote a few years ago,

the li's are runnin' 'bout minus ten
well, i hope i don't get a bad sunburn again

add to that the rubbing on my feet from the sandals, and i can proclaim: my feet are sore! :)

so today, as planned, it looks like an alberta day. unlike yesterday, we're not too worried about the cap. it's more of a) will there be enough moisture, and b) will the storms hold off until we get there?

on a side note, jen and ruth (the reporter and photographer from the free press) are really good people. trust me, you can quickly get a sense of that by spending hours and hours together in a cramped van.


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