Thursday, August 24, 2006

finally (for this year)

not for me, but finally, for the spc, a moderate risk works out.

it was one of those days that looked almost too good to be true, except for one difference: it was already happening (after a fashion) as morning broke. so things were set to go kaboom.

i think that, were i chasing, i would have been torn. it depends on my previous night's location, but had i bedded down in fargo or sioux falls, i would have been on the long-lived tornadic supercell that went through central south dakota. had i been in minneapolis, i would have played just south of the warm front, catching the tornadoes by mankato and such.

i think. :)

will there be another opportunity, a moderate risk, like this again this year, one that i'll be able to chase? who knows. i hope so, but my hope is quickly fading...


At 8:44 PM, Anonymous profwx said...

The velocity imagery for the Aug 2006 Manitoba tornadoes also show very nice (classic) signatures of a cold front passing over the radar site ... nice ... you can even see the "ghostly" boundary for the Aug 5 case where initiation took place.


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