Sunday, July 08, 2007

Forecast 3

Well, it has changed a lot.

July 15: Repositioning (GEM), Minneapolis, MN (GFS) or Rocky Mountain House, AB (NAEFS).
July 16: Calgary, AB (GEM), Repositioning (GFS) or Calgary, AB (NAEFS).
July 17: Regina, SK (GEM), Rocky Mountain House, AB (GFS) or Glasgow, MT (NAEFS).
July 18: Medicine Hat, AB (GFS) or Swift Current, SK (NAEFS).
July 19: Yorkton, SK (GFS) or Calgary, AB (NAEFS).

And I want to note that, for these forecasts, I'm using the 00Z run. But the 12Z runs are available for me to look at, and let me say: what a difference! Whereas on the 00Z GFS run, there was maybe just the Twin Cities for the 15th, and marginal at that, the 12Z run has a pretty darn good setup in Saskatchewan. Just goes to show...


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