Saturday, July 07, 2007

Forecast, part deux

Remember, this is all model-based and is likely to change a lot.

July 15: Lethbridge, AB (GEM), Moose Jaw, SK (GFS) or Calgary, AB (NAEFS).
July 16: Roblin, MB (GEM), Rocky Mountin House, AB (GFS) or Calgary, AB (NAEFS).
July 17: Kindersley, SK (GFS) or Medicine Hat, AB (NAEFS).
July 18: Emerson, MB (GFS) or Swift Current, SK (NAEFS).
July 19: Smoky Lake, AB (GFS) or Red Deer, AB (NAEFS).

Already we've got big changes, and it's still way out there. Further, we're using the same 2 models for most of the period that we did yesterday--and to me, this just belies the fact that, in this long range, it's nigh on impossible to forecast where the severe thunderstorms are going to be.

But hopefully, wherever they are, there we will be too.


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