Sunday, April 22, 2007

Big snow up north

I know I've tended to focus on weather across the southern prairies and particularly around Winnipeg, but Rankin Inlet, NU--along the Hudson Bay coast--is getting buried.

I'm writing this at just after 1 PM, and since 5 PM yesterday they have received 37 cm of snow.

Here are the obs:

CYRT 212100Z 13013G18KT 12SM DRSN SCT020 OVC050 -4.6/-5.9 A2978 RMK SC4SC4 SLP087 56027 SKYXX=
CYRT 212200Z 14014G20KT 12SM -SN DRSN BKN020 OVC050 -4.4/-5.6 A2975 RMK SC5SC3 SLP077 SKYXX=
CYRT 212300Z 12013G19KT 12SM -SN DRSN BKN020 OVC050 -4.5/-5.5 A2972 RMK SC6SC2 SLP067 SKYXX=
CYRT 212317Z 12013G18KT 3/4SM -SN DRSN OVC015 RMK SN2SC6 SKYXX=

Following data from Sunday April 22 2007

CYRT 220000Z 12014KT 3/4SM -SN DRSN OVC010 -4.8/-5.1 A2969 RMK SN2SC6 /S01/ SLP058 57029 SKYXX=
CYRT 220100Z 12013KT 3/8SM SN DRSN OVC010 -4.9/-5.1 A2967 RMK SN6SC2 /S02/ SLP050 SKYXX=
CYRT 220125Z 12011KT 1/2SM SN DRSN VV006 RMK SN8 SKYXX=
CYRT 220200Z 12011KT 3/8SM SN DRSN VV005 -5.0/-5.1 A2965 RMK SN8 /S04/ SLP042 SKYXX=
CYRT 220300Z 12008KT 1/2SM SN VV005 -4.9/-5.0 A2964 RMK SN8 /S06/ SLP038 57020 SKYXX=
CYRT 220400Z 12011KT 5/8SM -SN VV005 -5.0/-5.0 A2960 RESN RMK SN8 /S09/ SLP026 SKYXX=
CYRT 220500Z 12009KT 5/8SM -SN VV005 -5.0/-5.1 A2957 RMK SN8 /S12/ SLP017 SKYXX=
CYRT 220600Z 12012KT 1SM -SN VV009 -5.1/-5.3 A2955 RMK SN8 /S15/ SLP009 57029 SKYXX=
CYRT 220700Z 10012KT 3/4SM -SN VV007 -5.3/-5.3 A2952 RMK SN8 SLP000 SKYXX=
CYRT 220800Z 10011KT 3/4SM -SN VV007 -5.2/-5.4 A2950 RMK SN8 /S02/ SLP991 SKYXX=
CYRT 220840Z 10011KT 1SM -SN VV007 RMK SN8 SKYXX=
CYRT 220900Z 09010KT 1SM -SN VV007 -5.2/-5.4 A2948 RMK SN8 /S05/ SLP984 57025 SKYXX=
CYRT 221000Z 10011KT 3/4SM -SN VV007 -5.3/-5.4 A2946 RMK SN8 /S08/ SLP980 SKYXX=
CYRT 221100Z 10011KT 3/4SM -SN VV008 -5.4/-5.5 A2945 RMK SN8 /S09/ SLP977 SKYXX=
CYRT 221137Z 09010KT 1/2SM SN VV008 RMK SN8 SKYXX=
CYRT 221200Z 09010KT 1/2SM SN VV008 -5.3/-5.5 A2944 RMK SN8 /S10/ SN COV/MUCH LOOSE SLP971 57013 SKYXX=
CYRT 221242Z 09011KT 1 1/2SM -SN OVC010 RESN RMK SN4SC4 SKYXX=
CYRT 221250Z 09012KT 1/2SM SN VV005 RMK SN8 SKYXX=
CYRT 221300Z 09012KT 3/8SM SN VV005 -5.3/-5.6 A2942 RMK SN8 /S01/ SLP966 SKYXX=
CYRT 221304Z 09011KT 1/2SM SN VV005 RMK SN8 SKYXX=
CYRT 221400Z 09014KT 1/2SM SN VV005 -5.2/-5.4 A2942 RMK SN8 /S02/ SLP964 SKYXX=
CYRT 221500Z 09011G16KT 1/2SM SN DRSN VV005 -5.1/-5.5 A2941 RMK SN8 /S06/ SLP962 56009 SKYXX=
CYRT 221600Z 08012G17KT 3/8SM SN DRSN VV005 -5.1/-5.5 A2941 RMK SN8 /S08/ SLP963 SKYXX=
CYRT 221700Z 08013G19KT 3/8SM SN DRSN VV004 -5.1/-5.7 A2941 RMK SN8 /S09/ SLP962 SKYXX=
CYRT 221800Z CCA 08013KT 3/8SM SN DRSN VV004 -5.0/-5.7 A2942 RMK SN8 /S11/ SLP965 53003 SKYXX=



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