Wednesday, February 07, 2007

update on the course

not that there is much of an update, mind you.

we're looking into more and upgraded equipment, streamlining the instruction, having dvd players in the vans (for teaching on the fly, of course, but late night movies can't be a bad thing once in a while), and looking into sponsorship.

one of our sponsorship leads hasn't panned out, but another looks like it will come through. if and when we can confirm sponsorship of the course and the science and teaching we're doing, we'll be sure to give them a huge plug.

in other news, we hit an 11-year low temperature of -41.7, at least at the airport, on monday morning. it was somewhat warmer in the city core, due to the urban heat island effect, but cold is cold is cold. there's little warmup in the offing, at least for the next week, as proffered by the models.


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