Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Frustrating but not bad day

I've been short on the updates. Sorry about that.

We're in Red Deer again, and it looks like we may be in Red Deer again tonight, depending on a couple of factors.

Yesterday we ended up chasing the foothills. That's a frustrating experience, because the road network leaves something to be desired. We saw some beautiful storms, but couldn't get to the best one north of Nordegg because of no roads.

Today is interesting because
a) there's a big thunderstorm going through the area this morning
b) there's a gigantic wave coming into the area aloft this afternoon
c) the moisture is ridiculously high for this part of the country--dews in the low 20s in Alberta is nearly unheard-of.

So today, we're going to have to do a thorough analysis, and figure out where the boundaries are. We have moisture, we have instability, we have shear, and we have triggers galore. I am concerned about there being **too** much lift with the wave coming in and everything blowing up into a giant MCS. But we play with what we get. And maybe we'll catch a boundary and have a fun day.

Tomorrow looks equally awesome, or awesomER (but not most awesomest, like some would say) in about the same area, maybe a bit farther east (thank goodness--roads!)

We'll see...


At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Robyn said...

Thanks man....thanks a lot!! at least I got a good laugh!! Good luck with today, looks awesome (or... I wont even say it)!

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous pic said...

I can sympathize with chasing out here, it is a nightmare if you do not know which roads actually run the way you want to go! And after driving through both the storms that rolled through Sundre in the last 12 hours, this morning is already shaping up awesomely. Have a great Chase Day!

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Weather Central said...

Thanks, Robyn and Pic! :)


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