Monday, July 16, 2007


We're about 20 minutes away from Brooks (where's Dunn?) Gas, bathroom, lunch, and then the briefings. I have some definite ideas about where we're going to be going, and hopefully the data (when we get them) will bear that out.

COD is about 45 minutes behind us. This is a first, I think--usually we're catching up to them. I talked to Paul this morning, though, and they're interested in the same region as we are.

MCC (aka A-rock) came up with a good rap yesterday, and I heard it this morning in the van. I think it will require a public performance, but I think it will require the right timing. That's all I will say about it.

It's a little drier here in southern Alberta. Dewpoints are 11 or 12, but as we go north the moisture increases.

Yesterday there was baseball-sized hail from the storms that formed. Hopefully we can catch such a storm (over unpopulated and undamageable territory, of course) today. Or tomorrow. Or even better, AND tomorrow.

Not too many pictures are being posted today--just ten. Yesterday the chase potential didn't pan out, so most of the pictures are people pictures. And one neat sign that I missed somehow.

25 km outside of Brooks, and there's something closed the road--looks like a major accident, and traffic is detouring all over the place.


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