Friday, July 13, 2007

Forecast the penultimate (well, not really, but of this kind)

I'll have one more go at it tomorrow, but I think you've gotten the point. Over the past week the models have gone from an OK pattern to a grim pattern to an AWESOME pattern to an OK pattern and are now back at a pretty good pattern.

July 15: Brandon, MB (GEM), Dauphin, MB (NAM), International Falls, MN/Pincher Creek, AB (GFS), Calgary, AB (ECMWF) or Edson, AB (NOGAPS).
July 16: Glasgow, MT (GEM), Glasgow, MT (GFS), Lethbridge, AB (ECMWF) or Calgary, AB (NOGAPS).
July 17: Mobridge, SD/Missoula, MT (GEM), Medicine Hat, AB (GFS), Brooks, AB (ECMWF) or Lethbridge, AB (NOGAPS).
July 18: Missoula, MT (GEM), Havre, MT (GFS), Brooks, AB (ECMWF) or Lloydminster, AB (NOGAPS).
July 19: Havre, MT (GEM), Saskatoon, SK (GFS), Esther, AB (ECMWF) or North Battleford, SK (NOGAPS).

So there we have it. All indications point west, except for a possible more local chase on day 1. Keep your passports (or necessary documents) at the ready, as we might need to dip into the US.


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