Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Humidex much?

I'm amazed at the heat and humidity over southern Manitoba today.

At 2:00 PM CST, Winnipeg is 34/25, giving a humidex of 46. But right now, the winner is Carman, west of the city. 33/30 (30 dewpoint!) giving a near-all-time-Canadian-record humidex of an amazing 50. 50. 50. Wow.

Severe thunderstorm watch is in effect. we'll look for storms now.

Here are the obs:

METAR CYWG 251000Z 18024G33KMH 15SM SKC 24/22 A2971 RMK SLP058 SKY00=
METAR CYWG 251100Z 18028KMH 12SM FEW060 24/22 A2971 RMK SC1 BR SLP058 SKY00=
SPECI CYWG 251149Z 18015KMH 12SM BKN007 BKN060 RMK ST3SC1 BR SKY48=
METAR CYWG 251200Z 19013KMH 12SM BKN008 24/22 A2975 RMK ST6 PRESRR BR SLP071 53010 SKY89=
METAR CYWG 251300Z 17019KMH 15SM BKN008 25/23 A2976 RMK SF6 SLP074 SKY89=
METAR CYWG 251400Z 17026KMH 15SM BKN009 26/23 A2974 RMK SF3 SLP066 SKY47=
SPECI CYWG 251435Z 17026KMH 15SM FEW012 RMK SF1 SKY13=
METAR CYWG 251500Z 19017G33KMH 15SM FEW014 28/24 A2975 RMK CU1 SLP070 58001 SKY11=
METAR CYWG 251600Z 18032KMH 15SM FEW040 29/24 A2972 RMK CF1 CF TR SLP062 SKY00=
METAR CYWG 251700Z 20022G32KMH 15SM FEW150 32/25 A2971 RMK AC1 SLP059 SKY00=
METAR CYWG 251800Z 18030G39KMH 15SM FEW040 FEW150 33/25 A2971 RMK CU1AC1 CU/AC TR SLP057 56012 SKY00=
METAR CYWG 251900Z 21026KMH 15SM FEW040 34/25 A2970 RMK CU1 SLP054 SKY11=

WNK SA 0800 AUTO8 M M M M/23/23/1715\M/M 00MM=
WNK SA 0900 AUTO8 M M M M/23/23/1713\M/M 77MM=
WNK SA 1000 AUTO8 M M M M/22/M/1713\M/M 4MMM=
WNK SA 1100 AUTO8 M M M M/22/M/1711\M/M 3MMM=
WNK SA 1200 AUTO8 M M M M/23/M/3407\M/M 0MMM=
WNK SA 1300 AUTO8 M M M M/25/25/1407\M/M 55MM=
WNK SA 1400 AUTO8 M M M M/26/26/1619\M/M 00MM=
WNK SA 1500 AUTO8 M M M M/28/27/1617\M/M 59MM=
WNK SA 1600 AUTO8 M M M M/29/27/1807\M/M 44MM=
WNK SA 1700 AUTO8 M M M M/31/28/1713\M/M 93MM=
WNK SA 1800 AUTO8 M M M M/32/29/1615\M/M 69MM=
WNK SA 1900 AUTO8 M M M M/33/30/1713\M/M 17MM


At 10:32 AM, Anonymous The Manitoba Storm Spotter said...

wow! i've never seen or heard of a dewpoint that high! 30 degrees! most tropical jungles don't even get that high! why is carman always more humid is it because of all the crops around there???


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