Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First long-distance chase of the year

In the morning, SM and I will be taking off for (hopefully) Omaha. I've been watching this setup for a couple of days and it looks pretty awesome. I think the outbreak region will be bimodal, with one area up by Aberdeen, SD, and another down by Omaha. The better moisture and instability, as well as the better dynamics will be in Nebraska.

Then the next day, it looks like southeast Kansas, before coming back home the next day.

SM and I missed the last outing that JJH, JDS and DD hit, so this is our vengeance, as they can't make it.

On another note, my last forecast for June 4 seems to have worked out.

Let's hope this one works out, too.


At 7:43 AM, Anonymous wxman said...

Looks like you're traveling out for a chase..Good luck to all..be back for the updates of your chase..Be safe..


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