Monday, October 06, 2008


I haven't been blogging here for a long time. Aside from a busy personal life, frankly, there has been little in the way of significant weather to talk about.

This summer was punctuated by its conspicuous lack of big weather events, especially in southern Manitoba. Sure, there were tornadoes and hailstorms, but nothing like this or this or this.

We worked on project UNSTABLE during July, accounting for no storm chase course this past summer. (Don't worry; it's coming back this year!) There were some successful chases by the U of M weather club (3 tornadoes in Kansas) and some busts.

We're into October now, and aside from being near-normal for soil moisture, there's not too much to mention. Winter's coming, not normally my favourite season (although one that's often accompanied by severe weather) and it'll be a long time until I can get rid of my already-crushing SDS.

I guess I look forward to snowstorms and other non-bone-chilling winter weather. (I absolutely loathe the cold.) Maybe I'll write more about that stuff.


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