Tuesday, September 13, 2005

the beginning of autumn

i look out my window and see a gray sky, a few raindrops, and generally a brisk, drab day--something i got used to while growing up on the we(s)t coast. but now, having lived on the prairies for 9 years, i'm not so used to it anymore.

it means the end of storm chasing season. it means the beginning of cooler weather. it means the onset of that s-word for precipitation is nigh.

but of course, it also means a new beginning. (i know, this term is usually attributed to spring, but hear me out.) a chance for growth of meteorological knowledge; a chance to refine the chasing course and the synoptic met course; a chance to appreciate weather other than severe thunderstorms.

actually, thinking about it, i get more and more antsy. we're at the beginning of a bunch of seasons with diverse weather--especially the shoulder seasons of autumn and spring. freezing rain, ice pellets, heavy snow, blizzards, you name it.

it doesn't get the blood pumping as much as thunderstorms, but i'll take it.


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