Thursday, September 01, 2005

i wish i were wrong

so katrina weakened and moved a bit farther east. the "serious potential that i don't even want to think about" unfortunately happened anyhow.

this was a fascinating storm which will be talked about for years, maybe centuries.

but right now isn't the time to talk about it meteorologically. i'm so very concerned for the people of the gulf coast who are homeless and will remain so for months. at least.

if you can, please give something to a charity working down there. i recommend the american red cross.

it makes me think, though. toronto got hammered with a (relatively) minor rainstorm last month, acoompanied by hail and the occasional tornado. and it was fairly chaotic for a few hours there. (nothing like the big easy is now, of course.) but what would happen if a major storm, say, a tornado-bearing storm, were to smoke winnipeg? would you be ready?


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