Sunday, April 09, 2006

thunderstorms tomorrow night?

with the warm air finally returning and a little bit of moisture, after a near-20-degree day, we have the slight chance of some thunderstorms tomorrow night.

mind you, it doesn't look like anything severe, obviously, this early in the season, but a rumble of thunder here and there is always good for the soul. my soul. ;)

have you seen the recent storms in the us? they've been pretty bad. if you're planning on chasing, i'd suggest maybe you chase virtually.

what's that?

i'll explain soon enough. but now it's time for breakfast. :)

chase season is coming soon. woohoo!


At 10:28 AM, Anonymous The Manitoba Storm Spotter said...

Hey Dave, you were right big time! I heard you on CJOB yesterday and you said that we could get thunderstorms in the night and we did! Wow! Although not a sever storm, it was still a very impressive t-storm for this time of year. And it lasted for a long time to. It woke me up around 3:30 AM and kept me awake till close to 7 AM! The thunder and lightning were very impressive. An excellent t-storm to kick off the thunderstorm season I guess. Did these storms move out of North Dakota? I was noticing them developing through out the day yesterday in ND. I was in pilot mound yesterday evening and it seemed like something was defiantly coming in when I left (or at least, the set up for something stormy).

Also Dave, I have been noticing a lot of nocturnal t-storms occurring in the last few years. Especially last year, most of our t-storms were at night I think. And this latest one, you would think that at this time of year, if you were to get a t-storm it would be during the day rather than at night. This year could be the same. I remember last year (almost around this same time) our first t-storm was in the night as well. Wonder if most of our t-storms will be nocturnal again this year. What is the conditions again for nocturnal t-storms? Usually they are not set up the same way as day time t-storms. But now I'm excited! This storm is only the beginning!

At 10:25 AM, Blogger Weather Central said...

Thanks for the Kudos, A.
The storm didn't wake me up until almost 5, so I missed the best part of it! D'oh!

The storm did move out of ND. It was the same one that wasbetween Bismarck and Minot when I went to bed, about midnight.

Actually, this time of year, most of our thunderstorms would likely be at night (or elevated) because the surface doesn't have enough moisture or heat to drive surface-based thunderstorms yet.

And I noticed the same thing about last year--all the nocturnals. While we're more prone to them tahn a lot of other regions across the country, it seemed a little above normal.

The conditions for nocturnals are a) a warm front or some other type of boundary to your south and a low-level jet intersecting it and advecting moisture and heat into an unstable layer just above the surface, or b) a storm that started in SK during the day and is feeding on slightly elevated instability and shear to keep it going.


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