Tuesday, July 18, 2006


i'm writing this from the lobby of the hotel we're at in kindersley, sk--the cod guys are down the street and the torontonians are in this very hotel!

i have a few blog entries--2 or 3--from yesterday that i couldn't upload because of internet problems in the room, and the wi-fi leaves something to be desired. so those will be coming up later, i hope. and some pictures. because we took a lot.

today, like it has been for a couple of days, looks like a west-central manitoba thing. after that, perhaps minneapolis? i'm a little fuzzy on that one.

wish us luck!


At 5:32 PM, Anonymous The Manitoba Storm Spotter said...

Hey Dave. Hope you guys run into some good storms. Doesn't look like much action for most of Canada right now unless you want to go to northern Alberta/sask (in other words, the middle of nowhere). Seems that there has been a lot of activity in that area this summer. Funny that you say that around medicine hat, a semi-arid climate is more green than Manitoba right now. Sad. It is pretty brown here right now. And right now, I'm suffering an STD (severe t-storm defect!). The thing is the storms we have been getting lately are very un organized and sporadic unlike last year when they were organized and widespread. There almost characteristic of desert storms. Hope we see at least one or two good storms before the fall though. Anyways, have fun chasing and good luck! Minneapolis from Alberta, wow that's quite a haul.


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