Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Flooding in Missouri

Or is that Missoura?

Anyhow, Cape Girardeau, KCGI, got a whole bunch of rain yesterday. I was watching the observations and could hardly believe them--to the point where I thought the station itself was malfunctioning.

I saw 6-hour rainfall amounts, in hundredths of an inch, and they were, in chronological order from the onset of the rain:


Total: 12.39 inches (and it's still raining, albeit lightly, as of this posting)

So in the first 24 hours of the event (the most intense part) they got 11.45 inches of rain. That translates into 291 mm. Wow.

In completely unrelated news, my favourite stations in Siberia are not cold now. They're having highs around -3°C, so that tells me that, over the next couple of weeks at least, brutal cold isn't coming. Despite the temperatures being around -40 in the eastern Arctic. So then a few weeks on we'll be into real spring (as opposed to astronomical spring), and summer is never far behind in this part of the world!


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