Saturday, July 16, 2005

bowman, nd

we did the black hills today. a few clouds pulsed up, and that was about it. it was way too capped. really. what we might call a nuclear cap. there were clear skies and lots of sunblock today.

tomorrow is the day we've been talking about for a while. everyone's excited about it. college of dupage. tempest tours. the verkaiks. and of course, the university of manitoba.

we had a pretty wild evening tonight. we took pjm out for his birthday. he's seen more tornadoes on or near his birthday than during any other time of the year. this time is what we call prime time anyhow, and things tend to set up this time of year.

pjm plays pool well when he's had a few.

i don't. ;)

not much to talk about tonight--because i've had .... well, due to an intoxicated situation i can't really recall all that's happened, but hopefully tomorrow i'll have lots to write!!


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