Tuesday, July 19, 2005

now back at home

well, i wanted to get philosophical. i wanted to get contemplative. i wanted to get teacherly.

then i remembered bowman. ;)

for the inaugural canadian storm chase university class, things went remarkably smoothly. i mean, don't get me wrong--there were a lot of things we'll need to work on and change for next year, but by and large, the trip went well.

too bad the weather didn't completely cooperate.

really, though, it was pretty good. we saw wall clouds, we saw shelf clouds, we got outflowed, we saw some violent upward motion in growing towers. not a bad catch for a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants set of days.

wxdog, jay and i will be getting together over the next few weeks (likely sooner than later) to go over what went right and what went wrong. we'll talk about changes we'll need to implement and things we hope never change.

thank you all for being part of the first ever storm chasing course in canada. we all really enjoyed getting to know you (although i must say, i likely learned more than i needed to know, and i'm looking at you, yoyo.) (grin.) but seriously, i don't think we could have asked for a better group. you all participated lots, and your eagerness and keenness kept us on our toes and reminded us every day why we do what we do.

don't think this will be the end of blogging here, though. this is just the beginning. i admit, the entries may become less frequent, especially over the winter (where i'll probably talk about cool weather stuff--winter and summer) but i'll keep updating with thoughts, ideas, and streams of consciousness. and, of course, chase summaries. of which i hope some (or all) of you will be a part.

there's lots of chasing yet to do this summer. :)


At 10:53 PM, Blogger Weather Junkie said...

The best teacher is that which is in front of you. We aill all never forget our first time in the field (for some it wasn't the first, but definately not the last). You're right. This trip is a reminder, and for us as students, it's a reminder of why we are currently working so hard to fulfill a dream that so many people will never understand. You, Jay and wxdog have definately shown us that what you do is important, and hell...it's a rockin good time. And trying not to sound like the biggest loser of all (just a little bit), we look up to you guys, as well as J.H. I truly and sincerely loved watching you guys do what you do, and hope that we can find more advice, learning, and experience from you all. so THANK YOU, for letting us be the first storm chasing class in Canada. Pioneering the best event ever isn't easy, though, when parts of it are a struggle to remember;) Thank god for cameras! And thanks god for this opportunity. So thanks, guys. I, for one will definately look forward to being part of future chases, and blog reading so I can understand more as well. So to all the rest of you, keep truckin'. I know I will.
Thanks DDC.
- Me.

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Weather Central said...

Thanks for your kind words! You're right, it wasn't easy. But we'll learn from it and keep on going. (Funding permitting, of course.)


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