Sunday, July 17, 2005

on the road

we're driving along (no, i'm not behind the wheel right now!) from minot to jamestown and then we're going toward fargo and into minnesota. we've seen a couple of interesting things along the way. we saw a lake, a water tower, a field of flax, anamoose.


we're going to pass through the cold front this afternoon. we had it pegged between jamestown and fargo this morning, and it should be through central minnesota around prime time. we're not really expecting to see any tornadoes, but you never know. if nothing else, we should see good funky cloud structure. dewpoints are in the low 20s over the entire state, so low cloud bases should happen.

tomorrow we're going back to winnipeg. the pattern looks pretty craptacular for a couple of days after that--silly august pattern. of course, how often do you get a category 5 hurricane in july? (okay, it was a suspected 5, based on one flight-level wind, but whatever--strong 4 or marginal 5, it's a major hurricane, and it's seriously disrupting the flow--getting rid of the stormchaser's flow.) but later next week doesn't look too bad. i have time off work until the 25th, so maybe i'll be doing some chasing. and based on the response i've been getting, i won't be chasing solo anymore. :)


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