Saturday, July 16, 2005

super 8 motels

we've stayed at super 8s for the past 2 nights. why is the shower head at eye level? i'm not a very tall guy--5 foot 9--so what do really tall people do?

things are still looking pretty good for the target area today. there's only one fly in the ointment, one i've been concerned about for a couple of days--too much lift. the satellite imagery shows a lot of cloud over southeast sk and northwest nd, but surface obs are showing that it's thin enough to allow good surface heating. i certainly hope so.

the shear is definitely there--minot's radar is showing good low-level turning on the vad. moisture shouldn't be a problem--dewpoints over the area of interest are already in the high teens, and look to go higher with evapotranspiration. lift is certainly there. lots of convergence at the surface low near williston. and instability, well, if the sun can peek through enough but still have us stay capped for most of the day, we'll be golden.

i wonder if the college of dupage guys made it to minot.

hey guys, if you're reading this today, give me a call--or i'll try to call you in a while.


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