Sunday, July 17, 2005

still on the road

we're currently near the thriving metropolis of clontarf, mn. (find that, google maps!) heading eastward but we're still in the post-frontal air. i don't know if we're going to see anything. it's getting awfully late awfully early, frankly. i mean, the post-frontal air is still pretty moist, but the moderate west winds (about 25 knots) are not encouraging. where's the cold front? could be just over the next hill, but (more likely) it could be approaching minneapolis. if it's there, we're sunk for today.

i'd really like to have data right now--see if there's any point to what we're doing today. but the wireless networks are few and far between, and libraries are now closed. so unless we can get a network, we'll have to chase blind. chasing without data is not one of my favourite things to do.

this part of minnesota is pretty good for chasing, aside from all the little towns you have to go through and slow down in. the terrain is really flat and there aren't too many trees. i'm in chase 3, still not driving. that part is great--i was really bagged by the drive through the rain and construction outside of minot last night.

will we see anything? will we get a wireless network? will we even get a lightning strike? stay tuned...


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