Tuesday, July 18, 2006


11:18 am.

we didn't actually make it to medicine hat--apparently some of the double doubles were extra large this morning.

anyhow, wxdog was just pontificating (he says philosophizing) about how our perspective--approaching the foothills-triggered storms from the southeast--isn't as bad as some might think.

(and they're debating the difference between sweet potatoes and yams behind me.)

while we're approaching the convection firing off the foothills, today we'll be able to see the big picture. we'll be able to see how the towers look and how they compare amongst themselves. because often (as was kind of the case yesterday) when you're too close to the towers going up, you often can't see the details of the towers themselves--just the bases. but from afar, you can tell whether a tower is going up hard, how much it's leaning, and whether or not it's fuzzing out.

the ideal, according to wxdog, would be to have 2 vans working together--one under the towers, and one a distance away--to work together to determine what, exactly, a storm is doing. this makes sense. if the cloud base looks good but it's fuzzing out but you can't see it, having the extra perspective would sure save you time and aggravation.


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