Thursday, June 25, 2009

00/25Z run: last forecast by me, and then it's your turn

Before I go into this forecast, let me say that it's still uncertain as to where we'll be going; it doesn't seem uncertain, though, that we will see storms, and likely good ones, too.
The GFS is pretty much the only one from which I've been able to get any indication about instability; let me say, too, that the instability progs have been all over the map (literally). So for instance, day 1 looks like a split between dynamics (Kindersley, SK) and thermodynamics (Alliance, NE). Where will it be? Only time will tell. I have a hunch, though, that we may need our passports.

And now, the last forecasts I'll be posting on here until the trip starts.

Day 1 (June 28)
GFS: Kindersley, SK (D) or Alliance, NE (T)
GEM: Wynyard, SK
ECMWF: Coronation, AB
NOGAPS: Kindersley, SK

Day 2 (June 29)
GFS: Swift Current, SK (D) or Rapid City, SD (T)
GEM: Dauphin, MB or Rapid City, SD
ECMWF: Moose Jaw, SK
NOGAPS: Estevan, SK

Day 3 (June 30)
GFS: Pierre, SD
GEM: Red Deer, AB
ECMWF: Estevan, SK
NOGAPS: Bismarck, ND

Day 4 (July 1)
GFS: Omaha, NE
GEM: Kindersley, SK
ECMWF: Lethbridge, AB
NOGAPS: Fargo, ND (?)

Day 5 (July 2)
GFS: Rapid City, SD
GEM: Assiniboia, SK

Seriously. All. Over. The. Place.


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