Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 1 recap

This was a driving day, for sure! We started from Winnipeg bright and early, leaving from the parking lot at 7 AM. We were targeting Havre, MT; a big wave was coming in and we knew it would provide the lift we needed for good storms to go. Despite dewpoints being a little low, storms were apt to be good.

We got foiled on our trek westward by bad traffic in Minot due to flooding and a couple of mishaps I won't discuss here (although they're awfully funny, I will tell you in person if you ask) so we were in Malta, west of Havre, when the storms forming ahead of us morphed into a big line. We dropped south to see a great shelf cloud and experience some awesome outflow, then more pictures of the backside of the storm, with some people getting good night lightning shots.

For the first day, it was pretty awesome. The students had a blast, we had a blast, we got to know one another, and we are in position.


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