Tuesday, July 18, 2006


10:47 pm day 2.

so mere minutes after i closed up the computer from the last post, i was driving and said, "hey wxdog, what's that big thing on the road over there? it looks like a moose or something!"

yeah, it was.

we tried to get into position so we could get some pictures of it, but no dice.

so we went on.

and then met the red deer river valley. complete with lightning over it, and on old narrow wooden bridge. picture time!

after that stop, believe it or not, we saw another moose. this time a female, i think--no antlers, whereas the first one had huge antlers.

so now we're sitting at a gas station in hanna, having the last bathroom break before our proposed destination of kindersley. 2 hours to go, but we'll be in much better position for tomorrow's action.

best u of m storm chase day ever? i think so.

i'm still in awe. :)


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