Saturday, June 27, 2009

CONTEST and Saturday evening musings

First off, the musings: so today was my last day at work for about a month. And it ended with a bang!

At just after 8 PM, Doppler RADAR was really showing something bad, and I had to issue a tornado warning for areas near Winkler and Gretna. We didn't get any reports, but it wouldn't surprise me to hear about a spin-up in the region.

Now onto the contest:

We are offering a small prize to students in this year's class for winning the contest. It's pretty simple, really. (And I wasn't given much in the way of direction for it, so I'll make up the rules and terms of the contest.)

Give us a target for the first day of the chase. For the sake of the contest, let's say the "first day" is Monday, June 29. I want the name of a town and its state or province. Email your entry by 11:59 PM Sunday June 28 to me (you have my email address). The winner will be the person with the most severe weather reports within 100 km (or suitable radius decided by the judges) of the target area; the severe weather reports include wind, hail and tornado; tornado reports will garner 2x the points of the other kinds of severe weather.

Like I said, the prize is a small prize, but the idea is more to flex your forecasting muscle. Let's see your best!


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