Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's up and working!

So, with a little (LOT) of help from a couple of people, we now have something extraordinarily cool to help your friends and family follow along.

Years ago, when we started this course, we borrowed the idea from the College of DuPage. The course has grown from there and now we have much more equiment to help us nowcast, but now is the first time that we have a webpage where your friends and family can follow our every move, pretty much live, alongside our tweets, which will contain our thoughts and some pictures from time to time.

Many many thanks go to Evan Anderson at CoD for providing lots of technical support and advice, as well as the base code to use, as well as to Rose Sengenberger at the U of M for making the whole thing work on our end.  The result, I must say, is pretty awesome.  Right now it's just showing the most recent location I uploaded (south Winnipeg), but it'll be updating almost as soon as we're on the road.

Here's the URL:



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