Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day4 4:30 PM update

So as we approached storms from the west, in Cherry county, they decided to look more awesome. We went through some small to medium (under 1") hail and came out on the other side seeing the storm look pretty good. As we pulled into Valentine for a stop, it got tornado warned. When we were done, we got in the vans and went south, narrowly avoiding the hail and other nasty stuff.

We lost data for a while (of course--it is Cherry county, after all) and when we got information back, we saw that the storm had morphed into a huge line. Outflow-dominant.

We went toward another storm that had formed ahead of the line, but by the time we got in viewing position it had also gotten swallowed up by the line.

We are now repositioning to southeast Nebraska, where big CAPEs are going and the shear is plenty impressive.


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